The British Council

The Walrus Foundation presents special audio stories produced in partnership with the British Council. Interviews were conducted by Mary Newman.

Optical Illusion or Fresh Prince? Choose
“Optical Illusion or Fresh Prince? Choose.” Submitted to in response to a verbal tic that Jess Thom posted on the site. Keirloveshimself

Listen to a conversation with Jess Thom and Eliza Chandler about accessibility in theatre and the arts:

Jess Thom is a UK artist and co-founder of, a site dedicated to celebrating the humour and creativity of Tourette’s syndrome. Eliza Chandler is a Toronto-based artist and Ryerson University post-doctoral fellow in disability studies and the Artistic Director of the organization Tangled Art + Disability.

Thom recently delivered the keynote address at the Toronto Progress Festival’s Republic of Inclusion event. We wish to thank Alex Bulmer and Sarah Garton Stanley for organizing it.

Thomas Mitchell and Joseph Hyde composed the included soundscape, “The Alchemy of Chaos.”

Julian Richings
Julian Richings is an actor in My One Demand.

Listen to a conversation with Ju Row Farr about her experimental new performance peice:

Ju Row Farr is a co-founder of UK collective Blast Theory and one of the creators of the interactive filmed-performance piece My One Demand, which showcased at the Toronto Luminato festival in June 2015.

The music used in this podcast is a remix of Timber Timbre’s “Curtains?!” by Doomsquad featuring Simone Schmidt.