Blessing for Twitter

The icon’s head / is too thick for its hopeful wings / but responds to my thumb

The male poet looks to the right side of the frame and smiles widely.
The Walrus

Before I am fully a person
          I want to know what great
horror happened in the night.
          The icon’s head
is too thick for its hopeful wings
          but responds to my thumb
like a faithful servant of the Eternal.
          Give me insult and dogs,
give me West Coast results
          and a drunk self-own from B at 3 am.
Give me the stream of those I admire
          who have been fighting all night
for truth, and the maniacs who hate
          everything they can’t touch.
Concentrate, NIMBY. Today, do
          some work that is not
fuelled by rage. But first,
          do some work with rage.
Just outside, a robin cackles
          its first bad joke of the day.
Grey unruly dawn begins
          to interfere with the clear
loud light in my palm.

Adam Sol
Adam Sol published his most recent collection, Complicity, in 2014.