Arctic Facts, Figures, and Archives

An excerpt from a miscellany of the Canadian North. The full set appears in the print edition of the November 2007 issue.

To go with our Special Arctic Issue, here are links to previous Walrus articles that relate to the North:

“Here Comes the Heat” (March 2007)
New research suggests climate change could be faster and more furious than anyone expects
by Alanna Mitchell
Photography by Remo Stoller

“Hail to the Hammer” (March 2007)
Ancient ballads get the Viking heavy-metal treatment
by Amy Reiswig
Photography courtesy of Týr

“Arctic Cabaret” (February 2007)
When you hail a taxi in Nunavut’s capital, you’re in for quite a trip
by Margo Pfeiff

(November 2006)
Banking on Catastrophe”

Beneath an Arctic island, the seeds of a postapocalyptic garden lie buried
by Jake Bogoch
Photograph by Ilja Herb

“My Doomed Voyage” (July/August 2006)
Holidaying on a Russian freighter
by Helen Humphreys
Photography by RDM Studios

“The Hunter Who Happens to Make Movies” (May 2006)
The art of Zacharias Kunuk
by Denis Seguin

“Mush Rush” (April 2006)
Mushrooms in Canada
by Lawrence Millman
Photography by Darlyne A. Murawski

“At the Floe Edge” (September 2005)
On the hunt in Igloolik with Zacharias Kunuk
by Denis Seguin

“Franklin’s Library” (July 2005)
by Helen Humphreys
Illustration by Michelangelo Iaffaldano

“Lapland of Luxury” (May 2005)
The Governor General in Finland
by Wayne Johnston

”Who Controls Canada’s Arctic?” (December/January 2005)
Spies, submarines, and foreign ships may signal that our claim to the North is melting
by Andrea Mandel-Campbell