The Walrus Poetry Prize 2014
Hal Jackman Foundation

The Walrus Foundation is delighted to announce the third annual $5,000 Walrus Poetry Prize, generously supported by the Hal Jackman Foundation. Award-winning poet Amanda Jernigan will choose this year’s winner, from a short li­st compiled by The Walrus magazine’s poetry editor, Michael Lista. All entries will be judged blindly.

Submissions are now closed. Return here to vote for the Readers’ Choice Award beginning September 1, 2014.

Meanwhile, download a free ebook celebrating the past ten years of poetry in The Walrus, featuring poems by Leonard Cohen, Lynn Crosbie, P. K. Page, and many more.

The Walrus Foundation extends its deepest gratitude to the Hal Jackman Foundation for generously supporting the Walrus Poetry Prize and poetry in The Walrus.